CopySam™ a copy trading system developed by S.A.M. Trade, which allows you to copy the trades that are performed by other traders. Once you have activated CopySam™, it will execute the same trades, in almost real-time, in your own account. You have full control over what sort of trades you wish to copy, the amounts to copy, and you can activate or deactivate CopySam™ at any time.

Find out more about CopySam™ here.

Please note that CopySam™ is not an asset management services – traders that you copy do not have any responsibility to you to manage your account or advise you.

The minimum amount to start is USD 100.

There is no maximum amount for CopySam™. This is provided that margin requirements are met.

Yes. A profit sharing plan of 10% to 40% will apply.

The Leverage that master traders will receive ranges from 1:10 to 1:500 based on the account type that the traders choose. Do note that Auto Leverage Adjustment system will kick in with immediate effect, in the event that the total AUM of the CopySam™ Master Trader’s group exceeds USD 1,000,000. In this case, the leverage will be capped at 1:100.

The deposit and withdrawal processes are the same as all S.A.M. Trade live accounts. There are no differences in the deposit and withdrawal process for CopySam™ accounts or non-CopySam™ accounts.

Please contact us at [email protected] to express your interest. Our team will contact you with more details.

  1. Open a live account and fund the account.

  2. Browse and select the master trader you want to copy in the Client Portal.

  3. Click on “Copy” and it will start to copy their trades automatically in your portfolio.

Yes. You can start or stop copying a trader at any moment.

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